Halloween Safety: Trick or Treating Safely

Halloween Safety: Trick or Treating Safely

Keep your kids safe from more than just monsters this Halloween. Each year Halloween becomes bigger and bigger for some families. No matter how extravagant the costume or how big the party is, children’s Halloween safety is #1. A note to homeowners: please remove all leaves to avoid any children slipping and falling. Keep open walkways to your home. There is a lot that you can do to keep your kids safe during Halloween, here are some tips and tricks to keep trick or treating safe.

Costume Safety

This has to be the biggest area of Halloween safety that gets missed. Making sure the costumes fit properly is huge. Long costumes are a tripping hazard. Flame retardant costumes make the difference as well.  Mask obstruct eye view, try using face paint this year. If you are using face paint then make sure it is toxic free and that it is removed before bedtime to avoid skin irritation. REFLECTIVE CLOTHING! You do not need to have your child wear a reflective vest, but you can add some reflective clothing strips to costumes and still make your child feel in costume. Shoes are a great place to start. Replace regular shoelaces with reflective shoe laces and add some reflective strips to each side of the costume or on the shoulders. 

Candy Check

A tale as old as time is checking your child’s candy. Do not keep pre-opened candy! Goodie bags with homemade goods can be dangerous. Make sure you know who made it and what is in a homemade treat. Halloween safety does not stop when your child gets home. Allergies in food and candy can sneak up at any time. Be careful.

Cell phones & Flashlights

If your child does have a cell phone already, for halloween safety make sure they have their phone with them. If you and your spouse or friend have a group of kids trick or treating that do not have a phone, consider sending them with one of yours. Of course have your children use flashlights when crossing the street and when walking on sidewalks to avoid any accidents.

Plan Your Night

Before just stopping and letting kids out to knock on doors, plan where you are going to be. Create a map that you can give to your kids, that way they know the plan ahead of time too. Even if it is your own neighborhood, make sure you know where your kids will be going and the houses they will be knocking on. Some neighborhoods close down roads for safety reasons and have block parties or trunk or treat, those are often open to the public.

Motorist Safety

If you are out driving around on Halloween, SLOW DOWN. Not all kids will have reflective clothing or look both ways before crossing the street. Discourage inexperienced or new drivers from being out. When you pull into a driveway, crosswalk, or parking lot make sure you look both ways and enter slowly.

Halloween Safety does not need to ruin halloween. We just want to bring awareness to some things that can be done to help keep your child safe during a fun and busy night. Let this Halloween be a treat instead of a trick. Please remember if there is an emergency to call 911 immediately. Have a safe and happy Halloween.