Hardscaping in Kansas City: What, Why, & How

Hardscaping in Kansas City: What, Why, & How

Kansas City is a beautiful area filled with fountains and community life. Your property likely reflects that same fun and landscaped culture. Adding a patio, retaining wall, or decorative stones to the area will help to change your properties function and increase property value. Hardscaping is often forgotten when building a home or renovating a lawn but can change how you use and see your space. Here is the what, why, and how of hardscaping in Kansas City.


What is hardscaping? It is man-made, often using stone in landscaping. This can be a patio, retaining wall, walking path, details around a concrete area, fountain, and more. It uses man-made stone to create these features. Pending your property size and shape will determine what is best for your property. In conclusion, you can raise your homes value by producing a more indoor/outdoor living feel. Overall, studies show that spending more time outdoors can raise your mental health status. 

Hardscaping in Kansas City patio with a fire pit in the middle for entertaining.


There are functional and cosmetic reasons to add a hardscaping in Kansas City to your home. Cosmetic would be considered decorative areas around a pool or pre existing concrete area. Function more often comes into play with patios, retaining walls, and pathways. However, if you have an area that needs a retaining wall, that means it needs some extra support. The function of a wall is to prevent that area from eroding downhill onto your property. This is often seen on hills or for planting areas. Patios, of course, are used for outdoor entertainment and are often paired with a firepit. Always consider pathways when there is an area frequently traveled on in your lawn to prevent any grass damage. 


There is always going to be the answer “do-it yourself”. In this case that is never recommended without experience. Always consult your local landscaping company to insure the job is done correctly the first time. If the hardscaping is not done correctly, it will not withstand rain or the test of time. Like any man-made feature, it may need some maintenance over the years but overall it will be standing strong if done correctly. That is to say, last thing you want is for your patio to start splitting at the first sign of rain. Once again, it will save you money in the long run to have it installed correctly the first time. 

Hardscaping in Kansas City has many functions and is meant to be enjoyed. Above all, do not waste your time working on something that a professional can do in over half the time and correctly. Always consult your local landscaper before taking on any outdoor project. It is time to extend your home outdoors and get a FREE landscaping quote today.

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