Holiday Recycling Basics

Holiday Recycling Basics

What can you recycle curbside this holiday season? There is typically a lot of cooking, paper plates, and wrapping paper, but can you recycle it all? There is 25% more waste produced by Americans from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Don’t let family and friends get in the way of good recycling habits. Here are some holiday recycling basics that will get you through the crazy busy time.

Holiday Recycling Do’s

  1. Remove all paper or plastic from metal cans or bottles.
  2. Separate all mixed materials such as bubble wrapped envelopes. They cannot be recycled together.
  3. All plastic and glass bottles need rinsed and dried. 
  4. Buy aluminum drink cans instead of bottles. 
  5. Breakdown boxes to make room for other materials and for easier recycling.

Holiday Recycling Don’ts

  1. All material needs to be dry.
  2. Do not place materials in a bag, leave them loose.
  3. No batteries, clothing, or medical supplies.
  4. No foil wrapping paper or decorations.
  5. Do not put Christmas cards with glitter or foil in the recycling bin.
recycling basics

Remember the crinkle test when trying to decide what kind of paper can be recycled. If you crumble it up and it stays crumbled, then recycle it. When the paper pops back out instead of staying crumbled, don’t recycle it.

Overall the holidays are a time to be conscious about your waste output to help reduce your footprints. We can get so focused on making everything look perfect that we forget what happens to everything at the end of the season. A lot of it goes right into the trash. You can still decorate and make everything look perfect and participate in holiday recycling basics.

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