Home Drainage in Kansas City

Home Drainage in Kansas City

Nothing beats a rainy day at home binge watching your favorite show with some delivery food. While you are inside enjoying the peacefulness of rain, your home drainage is suffering. Rain can run into or against your home causing it to wear. The slope of your home will determine what kind of drainage solution you need to keep your foundation and landscaping safe from the rain. Let’s go over a couple of home drainage options. 


The lowest cost drainage solution is going to be above ground downspouts. Downspouts are low cost to install. This is not the solution to every home. They are a piece of plastic usually that redirect water away from the home. They often get blown and washed away when the rain is too heavy. 


Some home lawns slope towards the foundation in some places. This is an easy fix, but you have to do it right. Adding top soil to the area can redirect the drainage away from the home and back into the yard. All this does is create a slope for water to run a different direction. Make sure the top soil is compact and has enough slope to be effective. This is a medium cost drainage solution that a landscaper can make sure is done right. 

Drainage System

A custom drainage system for your home drainage is the most expensive but the most effective option. A landscaper will come to the property and create a drainage plan that fits all of your needs. It can be as little as buried downspouts that lead out to the road to creating a whole new slope and drainage throughout the yard to give you the best results. 

Home drainage is no joke. I can affect the long term life of your home. If you are seeing puddles in your lawn or areas that soil has been washed away from your home, it is time for a free estimate. Do not let rain ruin the home you have worked hard for. 

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