Home Landscaping in Kansas City

Home Landscaping in Kansas City

The housing market right now is insane. All home sellers and buyers are wanting to get the most bang for their buck. One of the easiest ways to up a home’s value is home landscaping. Home landscaping can change a property value by 12%. Let’s go over some specifics of how you can add landscaping value to your home. 


Fertilizer is one thing you can do for your lawn all year round to help maintain its value. In the Kansas City area we do recommend 7 treatments a year. This is what gives your lawn nutrition in different seasons. If you are not on a fertilizer program it is time to start. To see results it does typically take the full year and then continuing the program will keep the results. 

Landscaping Beds

Everyone has their own style. Landscaping beds in your front or back yard can express that. This can add a huge amount of curb appeal to your home landscaping. Adding landscaping beds to the front of your home allows for everyone to get a glimpse of the quality of home on the inside. 

Planning in your landscaping beds will depend on where you are. Always consult a landscaper on what will thrive on your property. If you are looking to sell your home, low maintenance landscaping is more appealing to future buyers. No one wants to buy a home and assume a large amount of lawn responsibility.


home landscaping in kansas city building a patio

Indoor outdoor living is huge in landscaping. Something simple for a landscaper to add for you is a hardscaping patio area. This allows for outdoor seating and can be unique to you and the home. Patios are large projects and are not to be started lightly. Always contact a professional before starting a project this large. Making a hardscaping patio correctly the first time will save you money from having it redone in the near future. 

Home landscaping comes in many different forms. Consulting a professional will make sure your home rises in value. Remember, it is not only what you would like for your home but what kind of plants and structure will thrive there. Not all plants can survive in all areas. Make sure yours can before plants. 

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