Home Landscaping: The Basics

Home Landscaping: The Basics

The weather is finally changing and the sun is coming out. Everyone is ready to get outside of their homes this time of year. Home landscaping will make it so that you enjoy being outside at your own home. It is important for your health to spend time outside and what better way to do it than right where you live? Let’s explore some ways to make your home landscaping perfect for you. 

Landscaping Beds

home landscaping in the front yard

Some homes will have landscaping beds when you purchase them that you can make your own and others you will need to add some. These are great areas to add plant life to your lawn. Adding greenery that you will enjoy will help you enjoy your time outside even more. Great ways to improve beds that are already there are by updating the mulch or adding rock to avoid weeds and keep your plants healthy. Consult a professional landscaper before planting to make sure those plants will thrive in your home landscaping. 


Hardscaping is using man made stones to create an area for outdoor living and use. This can be anywhere from a patio, retaining wall, or outdoor kitchen. Retaining walls are great for making some yards more functional but there are different kinds. Make sure to consult a professional before adding one. This will prevent erosion or safety hazards.

Adding a patio or outdoor kitchen to your home landscaping makes a great space for company and enjoying family. It gives you an extension of your home. Landscaping like this can raise your property value up to 15% in most areas. 


Having existing landscaping at your house is great, but it does need upkeep. Whether a first time home buyer or long term resident, your landscaping needs clean-ups. Make sure you are doing regular maintenance on your current landscaping. We suggest having a bed clean up a few times a year. 

Home landscaping is custom to you and what you like. It is your space and make sure you like it. We suggest talking to a landscaping company and commission them to do the work so it is done correctly. This will prevent plants from dying from improper planting or incorrect bed installation.

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