Home Lawn Care in Kansas City

Home Lawn Care in Kansas City

You care about your home and want to make it perfect for you. Home lawn care plays a large role in that. Not only should the inside of the home reflect you, but the outside should too. There are some basic home lawn care items that do need to be covered before the fun custom features. Let’s make sure we have the basics covered, then talk about custom areas to make your lawn unique. 

early fall home lawn care includes mowing the lawn on a regular basis again.

Mowing & Fertilizer

These are the two basic services that every lawn needs. Keeping your lawn cut will prevent pest and dead grass build up. Fertilizer will give your lawn all the nutrients to create deeper roots and a lush lawn. We recommend 7 treatments a year and weekly lawn mowing to keep your lawn happy and healthy. 

Drainage issues

Your lawn will not be able to grow anything if it has a drainage issue. If your lawn is holding water, it kills the lawn in that area. For most home lawn care a drainage system will fix the issue. It redirects the water to prevent pooling. 

Sprinkler System

Some lawns will need help with watering to keep any plant life alive. A sprinkler system will help to make sure you are giving your whole lawn the water it needs. Before planting anything new, make sure you can give it the water and sunlight it needs in that area. 

Custom Landscaping

Now that all the basics are covered, you can add your own touch to your home lawn care. Adding beds, water features, new trees, and more can transform the space. A professional landscaper will be able to consult on what will grow and thrive in your area. Water features and a hardscape kitchen or patio are a great addition to make any home your own. 

Your local landscaper will be able to direct you on any major changes. It is important to consult a local expert before making major changes. Their knowledge of home lawn care and the local area makes them the best person for the job. Make your lawn your own today!

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