How to Fight the Rain: Lawn Care Edition

How to Fight the Rain: Lawn Care Edition

Rain is an overwhelming part of our midwest weather. It comes and goes throughout the year, but in the spring it is here almost everyday. Rain can be damaging to your grass, foundation, landscape structures, and beds. How do you prevent this? A drainage system will keep your lawn and home in great shape during spring showers.

Drainage System

A drainage system is the biggest thing you can do to protect your property. Drainage systems redirect the water from grouping in one area to a safe area for it to drain. This is someone that most homeowners do not consider when purchasing a home and is often an added cost down the road.

How do I know that I need a drainage system?

The obvious answer is if you see water pooling in one area of your property. That is caused by sloping or dipped areas on the lawn. Areas like this are killing your grass and can even be affecting your homes structure. If there is pooling near your foundation or leaking in your basement, get a drainage system before there is more damage caused. Purchasing a system now will save money on repairs later.

Where do I get a drainage system?

Contacting a landscaping company in your area is the best way to get a drainage quote. They will come out to evaluate the property and make suggestions based on your needs. No drain is the same and no home is the same. Make sure the company is taking the time to cater to your specific properties needs. Drains are not cookie cutter systems and shouldn’t be treated that way.

I can see the water pooling. What now?

Keep in mind poorly position downspouts can be causing your landscaping beds damage as well, make sure to double check those. Now get with your local landscaping company. Local matters, because they know the area and will be able to give you the best solutions. Approve the job and leave the rest to them. After that you will have saved your home from pooling water and damage. Relax and let the water drain away your worries of foundation, lawn, or landscaping bed damage.

Now that you are stress free and your home is safe you are ready for other lawn care improvements. Consider adding a retaining wall or outdoor patio now that your lawn is ready for entertaining. If you had beds damaged due to poor drainage before, now is the time to revamp and clean up those. It is important to fix the main source of the issue before taking on the other projects. For FREE estimates in the Kansas City area click here.

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