Installing Sod

Installing Sod

Bare spots in your lawn can be an eyesore. Installing sod is a great way to refresh your yard and get your home looking beautiful again. It’s very important to take care of fresh sod after installing it. Contact a professional landscaping company to lay sod and give instructions for its care. Let’s go over the benefits of sod and how to look after it.

Sod Installation

installing sod

There are many reasons that you might need to install sod. You may have bare areas after removing landscaping projects. Completing construction or drainage work can leave your property in rough shape. Sod can also cover hills or other areas where erosion is a problem. We recommend contacting a professional landscaping company for sod installation. Specialists can take care of the hard labor and do the work in a timely manner. They can also lay sod anytime of the year. An alternative to sod would be seeding your lawn, but this will take longer to see results. Sod can transform your property quickly, prevent erosion, and cover difficult slopes. Get in touch with a professional landscaping company to refresh your lawn.

Care After Installing Sod

It’s crucial to properly care for fresh sod after installation. This will help make sure the sod is successfully established. Watering is one of the most important things you need to do. Keep your sod wet for the first three to four weeks. During this time, the objective is to keep sod moist. It’s also essential to minimize traffic and refrain from mowing throughout this time. Block off the area if you have pets to keep them off your fresh sod. These practices will help your sod develop stronger and deeper roots. Contact a professional landscaping company to install sod and instructions on how to care for it.

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