Jobs in Lawn Care: Kansas City

Jobs in Lawn Care: Kansas City

Picture this: going to work each day and enjoying what you do. It is a crazy concept but while working in lawn care that is what you will do. Not only do you get to ditch the desk to be outside using your hands, but it can be mentally challenging as well. A job in lawn care will jumpstart a career that can be fulfilling and enjoyable for years. 

Why Lawn Care?

Jobs in lawn care

Lawn care is more than just mowing lawns. Full service lawn care companies will provide multiple services to residential and commercial customers. From mowing and landscaping to snow removal. This field allows you to step away from a desk and work with your hands. There are daily challenges such as laying out a landscaping bed, the most efficient way to finish a job, and navigating last minute details. 

As you move up in the landscaping and lawn care industry you will not always be required to work in the field full time. As a company grows more foreman and crew lead positions open up. This can mean organizing job sites, visiting multiple job sites in a day, or meeting with customers to develop quotes and pricing for them. There is room for advancement and opportunities for growth all along the way.

Where to Start?

What do you need to look for in a job in lawn care? When looking for a job in lawn care, it is important to know what seasons your company works. Most full service companies will provide snow removal and landscaping in the winter, but some companies lay off after fall. Just be aware of what services and seasons your company works in. 

Apply with your regular resume or application information. Work experience is not required for all lawn care companies. On the job training is typically provided. To apply for the job visit online job platforms such as Indeed or call the company directly for hiring information. Some will allow for you to come in and fill out an application if you do not have a resume. We always suggest having an updated resume that you could email at any time. 

Jobs in lawn care are in almost every city and give you a great chance to try out a new career with little to no experience. Next time you are wanting to get away from your desk or looking for a career change, look no further than lawn care. 

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