Johnson County Fall Cleanups: What’s the Point?

Johnson County Fall Cleanups: What’s the Point?

Johnson county fall cleanups are essential. The area is full of older trees that are not shy about shedding their leaves or branches. This is the perfect time of year to get started on your Johnson county fall clean up. If you are a new homeowner or looking to improve your home, fall is the time to start. Preventive measures this time of year will save you money in the spring, when you are trying to recover your lawn.

johnson county fall cleanup and leaf removal

What is a Fall Cleanup

Johnson county fall cleanups making sure your whole property is clean of debris and leaves. If leaves are left on the ground they will cause dead spots and allow fungus to grow. This makes it harder to recover your lawn in the spring. We suggest 2-3 leaf removals a year. Leaf removals, aeration, debris cleanup, fertilizer and mowing properly will keep your lawn from needing more restoration in the spring.

Where to Get a Fall Clean Up

A professional full service lawn care company is the best option for your Johnson county fall cleanup. They can handle all of these services and do them regularly. Fall cleanups are now convenient with these companies, because you only need one service, one company, and one bill to get this completed. It seems like a lot of services, but the right professional lawn care company will provide all of this for you. Finding a professional company is not always the easiest. Make sure they have customer reviews, a website, and a social media presence. They are all great signs of a stable company.

Make sure your lawn is taken care of and ready to fight against winter. Winter storms will compact what is currently on your lawn causing those dead spots that are hard to recover in the spring. The cost of a lawn recovery is more than prevention. Keep that in mind when considering your essential services for the fall. 

Johnson county fall cleanups are essential and are not just for established homeowners. If you are a new homeowner now is the time to get your lawn on the right track before it’s too late. Great lawn care goes on year round, do not stop now that the weather has changed. 

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