Landscape Design

Landscape Design

The area surrounding your home matters. Your landscape design can elevate your curb appeal and become your personal oasis. There are several types of landscaping that can improve your property. Some of these landscaping services include installing mulch, rock, and plants. Let’s go over how these services can help enhance your property.

Landscape Design with Mulch and Rock

landscape design

Mulch and rock both provide numerous benefits for the exterior of your home. Some advantages of mulch include retaining moisture, preventing weeds, and regulating temperature. Typically, mulch is less expensive, but it deteriorates over time. Mulch needs a refresh to stay functional and beautiful. Benefits of installing rock include reducing soil erosion and being low maintenance. Rock is usually more expensive to install, but it doesn’t need to be replaced often. There are multiple ways to incorporate mulch and rock into your landscape design. Adding mulch and rock to landscape beds is an easy way to elevate your property. Both mulch and rock provide protection, contrast, and texture. Contact a professional landscaping company to enhance your property with mulch and rock.

Plant Landscaping

A huge part of landscape design includes planting. Flowers, shrubs, and trees make your home stand out. Planting in landscape beds helps give your home a beautiful and clean cut appearance. Combining plants with mulch or rock helps add even more color and contrast to your landscape. A professional landscape technician can recommend the best plants for different sections of your yard. There are many different types of plants that thrive in either a sunny or shady area. After installing plants, it’s important to keep up with trimming. Keeping your plants regularly trimmed helps improve their appearance and health. Contact a professional landscaping company to install plants to enhance your curb appeal.

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