Landscape Services in 2022

Landscape Services in 2022

There are a lot of landscape services out there. It can become confusing and hard to determine what you need for your property. Not all landscape services are perfect for your lawn. Let’s go through some basic options that are great for all lawns in the midwest and some custom items to discuss with your landscaper.

Basic Services


Fertilizer is needed to keep your lawn happy and healthy in the ever changing weather of the midwest. It gives your lawn the nutrients it needs. With watering and all 7 recommended treatments, this is a great base for your lawn’s health.


It is very important to keep your lawn clean. Debris on your lawn will create dead spots and attract unwanted pests. Dead spots are always harder to recover on your lawn than to prevent. Regular rotation of any furniture on your lawn and regular clean-ups will prevent all of this. A large clean-up may be required to get your lawn back on track.


Every lawn needs to make sure it has the proper drainage. In the midwest, it rains and snows a lot. That means there should be no large areas of pooling water during these events. If there is, it is time for a drainage system. Proper drainage from your gutters is where it starts. From there drains can be installed in low areas and extend in other areas to avoid puddling. This protects your foundation and avoids dead spots. 

Custom Services

Every lawn does need a few things different. Custom landscaping can be hardscaping, mulch, bed creation, or planting. Not all forms of landscaping will thrive on every property. A professional landscaper can make the lawn of your dreams with the services that will thrive. The amount of maintenance you would like to have in the future  goes into play as well. 

Landscape services are unique to each property, but the basic services are the perfect place to start. They will get you ready for the custom projects you are looking forward to. Contact your professional local landscaper for more information on what your lawn needs. 

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