Landscaping For Your Overland Park Home

Landscaping For Your Overland Park Home

Overland Park, located in Johnson County Kansas, is a family friendly town just outside Kansas City. Besides it’s many attractions, there are beautiful highly desired homes in the area. Your homes beauty does not start and stop at your front door. Landscaping in Overland Park can be required by an HOA or used to keep your homes property value up in an area that is desired.

Landscaping In Overland Park

Front Yard:

The front of your house is your first impression. Make it a good one by adding some landscaping or removing dead shrubs that are an eyesore.

  • Plant beds: Mulch or rock beds in front of your home is an easy way to add some life to your entrance. Both types of beds have plants that thrive in them. Before planting, make sure your plants will survive with the amount of sunlight in that area and in rock or mulch.
  • Walkway: If your normal concrete walkway doesn’t fit your style or home, common landscaping in Overland Park is to add a hardscape walkway. From stepping stones to pavers, your driveway will be unique.
  • Tree removal: Trees can block your view from a window or even the view of a house. Removing that allows your house to show and open up a window view that wasn’t there before. If you are selling your home, this is a great way to showcase your property.


That back of your home is an extension of your living space. Whether you have a pet or love to entertain, do not neglect your backyard.

Beautiful outdoor patio. Great landscaping in Overland Park
  • Hardscape patio: A hardscape patio adds a sitting area, fire pit, or entertaining around a pool. These patios are used to enhance your outdoor living space. A hardscape patios function can change as your family and needs change.
  • Water feature: Water features are soothing and a fun way to amp up your backyard style. They can lead into a pool you already have or water area that fish can live in. Your backyard will become an oasis.

Landscaping in Overland Park is the perfect way to add property value to your home. Professional landscaping can increase your home value up to 15%. In a highly desired neighborhood, such as Overland Park, it is a must to keep your home up to date.

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