Landscaping in Johnson County

Landscaping in Johnson County

Landscaping in Johnson County adds to your property value. There are a lot of landscaping options for new and current homeowners in the area. Living in the midwest we are able to create some unique landscaping with the different types of weather. Here are some landscaping suggestions to get you thinking about how to improve your property. 

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Mulch protects your landscaping beds in multiple ways. The kind of plants you have or want planted will affect if you need mulch or rock in your beds. Not every plant will thrive in both environments. After you know the perfect mulch for you it’s important to know what it does. It will keep weeds from growing and unwanted insects. Bed mulch will also hold water in the bed so that plants do not get dehydrated. 


Spring showers are on their way and if your yard has a drainage issue now is the time to fix it. Drainage issues can cause a variety of problems. Some as small as dead spots in the yard and others causing water to enter your home. Either way they can have some long term ramifications. Get drainage taken care of today before its too late! Spotting water pooling in a yard is a sign it’s time to have your drainage checked out. Consult a professional before starting any landscaping in Johnson County.


Hardscaping is pavers that are man made used for building structures outside. Pavers are used for outdoor living spaces all the time. A great way to spend time outside, is on a paver hardscape patio that is custom to your lawn. In some cases, retaining walls are great for erosion control. Hardscaping is a skill set that not every landscaping company has. Make sure you have an experienced company before starting a project. 

Landscaping in Johnson County is essential for any homeowner to keep their lawn in top shape. You can do these projects on your own, but we always suggest consulting a professional before making any major changes to your property. This can save you money from having to fix it in the long run. Raise your property value by landscaping in Johnson County. 

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