Landscaping Jobs In Winter: Is it possible?

Landscaping Jobs In Winter: Is it possible?

Landscaping jobs in winter are hard to come by. If your current company has not laid you off, other companies are not usually hiring. Some companies always shut down in the winter and resume services in the spring with the same employees. How do you know you know if you’re going to be at a company that works all winter?  How do you stay employed in this industry all year long?

Landscaping jobs in winter, is it possible?

Where to Start

First things first, make sure the company has the intention of staying open all year round during the interview. When given the chance to ask questions simply ask “Do you lay off in the winter?”, “What do you do for winter services?”, or “Does the company stay open during the winter months?”. These are all valuable and straightforward questions to ask any future employer in this industry. 

After that you can establish if this is the company for you. If you want to take the winter off, make sure you know the hiring process for the spring season. This will create job security and it let’s your company know that you are interested in continuing and growing with them. 

How to Stay

Now that you have found the company that works during the winter months, how do you actually get to stay with them? What we mean by this is a lot of companies have stipulations for staying all winter. Examples of that are, knowing how to run the equipment for snow removal or being employed with them for a certain amount of time to qualify. Make sure you know these before accepting the job. Make it known to your employer ahead of time that you are interested in snow removal training and working those hours when needed. 

If your company is offering reduced hours during the winter, take them. Be open and honest if you need to accept a seasonal part time job until full time hours are offered again, but overall landscaping jobs in winter are understanding and realistic about the amount of work that can be done. 

Landscaping jobs in the winter after being laid off from a company is not always easy to find, but you can avoid this by asking the right questions during the spring interview processes. Some companies will still be hiring due to temporary employees leaving. Always have a resume that you can send out if you know you will be looking in the winter. 

Asking the right questions will lead you to a lifetime career in landscaping. Be sure to do your research on a company before accepting a position and remember that honesty is the best policy when it comes to winter work. 

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