Drainage problems are unique to your home, building and landscape. Our technicians can evaluate and design a custom solution for you.

We specialize in downspout extensions, French drains and grading.

A proper drain can prevent damage to your yard and the foundation of your home, which can be costly to repair.

If you have flooded areas on your lawn or a poor existing drainage system, contact us today!

Residential Drainage

Poor drainage can cause various issues for your lawn and home. Water pooling is the biggest sign of a problem. Puddles of water on your lawn can cause dead spots. Other signs of complications include water trails and small leaks in your home. Water trails show up after the rain is gone. You will be able to see a constant path that has been dug out by the flowing water. Leaks often lead into a basement and can dry up before you notice it. The sooner you fix a drainage problem, the better off your property will be.

There are many options for correcting drainage problems. Our specialists can create a custom design that works for you and your property. Solutions that we specialize in include downspout extensions, French drains and grading. Downspout extensions direct water a safe distance from your foundation. This allows the water to drain without causing problems. French drains collect and disperse water from low areas or places that water accumulates. Grading promotes good drainage and prevents erosion. A one inch per one foot slope away from your foundation is crucial to keeping water away from a structure. Follow us on social media for more information. @LDKLawnServices

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