Mulch & Rock

Mulch and rock are both great landscaping choices for your home.

Using mulch provides several benefits for your property. It retains moisture, regulates temperature and prevents weed germination.

Rocks can enhance the look of your home. They are durable, low maintenance and they reduce soil erosion.

Mulch and rock both provide protection, contrast and texture. We can create a beautiful, customized landscape design for you.

Residential Mulch & Rock

Landscape beds enhance the curb appeal of your property. Adding mulch, rock or both to your landscape beds help them stand out and give your home a clean-cut appearance. Mulch has many benefits for you and your property. It covers the ground which retains moisture and helps prevent weeds from coming up and dominating the bed space. This is especially important for shrubs and other plants in the landscape bed. Mulch is generally less expensive to install, but it requires periodic renewal because it deteriorates over time.

Rocks have many advantages for your landscape. Installing rock provides durable cover for your plants and requires very little upkeep. Though rock is typically more expensive to install, it doesn’t need to be replaced often. Mulch and rock add color and contrast to your landscape beds. They both come in a variety of different colors to suit the needs of you and your home. Our specialists can create a custom landscape design that incorporates mulch, rock or both for your property. Follow us on social media for more information. @LDKLawnServices

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