Construction or drainage work might leave your lawn in rough shape. Sod is a great way to refresh your yard.

After installation, make sure to keep the area wet for three to four weeks. Stay off the sod and do not mow it during this time. This will help establish roots.

Our specialists can lay sod to give your lawn a fresh look.

Residential Sod

Sod is living grass that has previously been planted. Other than bare areas, it can also cover hills or areas where erosion is a concern. Our technicians can install sod year round. This is helpful because the alternative is seeding, which is done during the fall. It will take longer to see results if you decide to seed your lawn. We recommend pairing seeding with aeration. This will allow the seed to establish deeper roots before winter. Check out our aeration and seeding page for additional information.

Our technicians can make your lawn look great with fresh turf. After installation, it’s essential to keep the area wet for three to four weeks. The goal is to keep the sod moist at all times during this period. Make sure to keep traffic to a minimum and do not mow it during this time. If you have pets, you will need to block the section off to keep them off the area. This will help establish stronger and deeper roots. Follow us on social media for more information. @LDKLawnServices

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