Topsoil is useful for plant health, fixing damaged parts of your lawn and replacing other landscaping projects.

Installing topsoil can also fix the slope of your yard through grading and improve drainage issues.

We can prepare, level, and install topsoil to meet your landscaping needs.

Residential Topsoil

There are various landscaping uses for topsoil. These include leveling your lawn and preparing your yard for sod. Soil and grading can change the slope of your yard to correct drainage problems. Grading promotes good drainage and prevents erosion. A one inch per one foot slope away from your foundation is crucial to keeping water away from a structure. Installing fresh soil prepares your lawn for laying sod. If you want to replace a landscaping project, such as a garden bed, soil can level out your lawn so sod can be installed.

Topsoil can also help your plants. There are nutrients in the soil that enhance the health and appearance of plants. Fresh soil also protects your plants and the roots. Covering exposed roots allows nutrients and water to be stored and held in the topsoil, which creates a healthy environment. This can also help reduce how the harsh climate impacts your plant life. Regulating the temperature and moisture with soil creates a consistent environment. This helps the plants thrive. Our specialists can prepare, level and install topsoil for your yard in preparation for different landscaping projects. Follow us on social media for more information. @LDKLawnServices

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