Late Summer Lawn Care

Late Summer Lawn Care

The weather in Kansas City has been extremely hot lately. Late summer lawn care is more important than ever. Two vital lawn care services include fertilization and irrigation. These programs will help your lawn thrive during the summer months. Let’s go over how these services will be useful during the hot temperatures.

Late Summer Fertilizer

Fertilizer is especially important for late summer. This service is necessary for helping your lawn grow and thrive. Fertilizer provides essential nutrients to your grass. We recommend two treatments during the summertime. The summer and grub applications help your lawn retain a healthy green color and they prevent pests. We also recommend a fertilizer application in the early fall. This treatment promotes a lush color. A fertilizer program ensures your lawn gets the correct vitamins. An experienced lawn technician will evaluate and treat your grass.

Late Summer Irrigation

Late summer lawn care includes irrigation. Since the temperatures are high, your lawn needs extra attention. Water your grass regularly to prevent it from burning. If you have an irrigation system, it needs to be adjusted for the summer months. A lawn care technician will set your system to run at certain intervals. The best time to water your grass in the summer is in the early morning. This allows the water to soak in before it gets too hot and evaporates. An irrigation system will help your lawn thrive during the summer months.

Caring for your lawn in the late summer is essential. Fertilizer allows your lawn to thrive with the right nutrients. An irrigation system will get the necessary water to your yard. A lawn service company will make sure your grass is receiving the best late summer care possible.

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