Lawn Aeration and Seeding

Lawn Aeration and Seeding

Do you want to improve the overall strength of your grass? Lawn aeration and seeding are right around the corner and have numerous benefits. One of the advantages of aeration is that it improves water absorption. A reason to seed your lawn is that it increases grass density. Aeration is done first, followed by seeding your lawn. We recommended starting this process in early fall. This helps revive your lawn after a hot summer. Let’s go over some more benefits of aerating and seeding your yard.

Lawn Aeration

Aerating allows air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. The aeration machine creates small holes in the soil. This is an essential service because it reduces soil compaction. Signs of soil compaction include weaker roots, thinner grass, and an off color. Lawn aeration provides space for grass roots to stretch out and grow. Your yard will be better equipped to tolerate droughts and hot temperatures. Contact a professional lawn care company to aerate your yard the correct way.


After aerating your lawn, it is time to seed it. Technicians will plant grass seed directly onto an existing turf. This service fills in bare spots and improves the density of your grass. Seeding can improve the variety of your lawn which results in better color and texture. The cooler weather in early fall provides a good environment for seeds to grow. 

Aeration and seeding are important because they increase the overall strength of your lawn. Some benefits of these services include weed and drought tolerance. We recommend hiring a professional to care for your lawn. A knowledgeable technician will evaluate your yard and provide reliable service.

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