Lawn Care in 2024

Lawn Care in 2024

The new year is here! Do your New Year’s resolutions include improving your curb appeal? There are several lawn care and landscaping services in 2024 that can transform your property. Contact a lawn care and landscaping company to give yourself time to work on your other resolutions. Let’s go over what services you should keep in mind in 2024.

Lawn Care Services

lawn care in 2024

Services that can help your lawn throughout 2024 include mowing and fertilizer. Mowing is a key part of lawn care. A consistent grass height will help your lawn thrive. Mowing services start in the springtime when grass begins to grow again. In the summer, your lawn needs to be longer to protect it from the hot sun. It’s important to keep mowing throughout fall because your grass continues to grow until the first serious frost. Mowing services can help your property throughout the year. Fertilizer is another essential lawn care service. We recommend enrolling in a year-long fertilizer program. This program includes seven treatments that start in early spring and end in winter. Fertilizer provides nutrients that help your lawn thrive. Some benefits include boosting the color of your grass and developing a deep root system. Contact a professional lawn care company to take care of your yard in 2024.

2024 Landscaping

Landscaping services that can improve your curb appeal in 2024 are mulch and rock installation, planting, and trimming. Adding mulch or rock to your home can enhance the appearance of your property. Mulch and rock have several benefits. They both provide contrast and texture to your home. Installing mulch and rock also protects your plants. Other services that can upgrade your property include planting and trimming. Plants can add color to your yard and help it stand out. It’s important to trim your plants to keep them healthy and looking beautiful. Contact a professional landscaping company to elevate your curb appeal this year.

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