Lawn Care in Johnson County Checklist

Lawn Care in Johnson County Checklist

Lawn Care in Johnson County Kansas is more than just mowing or watering your lawn. There are a lot of factors that go into your lawn’s health. There can be drainage issues, landscaping that’s rotting, trees that need trimmed, and retaining walls to protect your property. It is not cut and dry for every lawn. Getting your lawn evaluated by a professional lawn care company is important to keep your lawn healthy and happy.

Mowing & Fertilizer

Mowing and fertilizer are the most basic lawn care in Johnson County. Keeping your lawn clean cut and treated prevents pest and unwanted weeds from ruining your lawn. There are a recommended 7 treatments a year for fertilizer, each is catered to the season and what your grass needs at that time. Mowing every 5-8 days is recommended for a lush and green lawn.


Drains, drains, drain! Poor drainage can ruin your lawn quickly. Water sitting on your lawn destroys your grass roots. It is even worse if water is running into your home. A drainage system on your property can prevent all of this. Not every lawn is the same, but a lawn care professional can come and evaluate your lawn to resolve your drainage issues.


A man shoveling mulch out of a truck

New landscaping or landscaping repair is unique to every property. You can be as creative or simple as you want to be when it comes to your home’s outdoor design. A professional will be able to advise you on the best plants and materials for your area. Not every plant will thrive in every environment or material. Lawn care in Johnson County includes your outdoor landscaping to increase your home value.


A low hanging or broken tree branch can fall on your home or other property and cause serious damage. Take care of those beforehand to avoid any extensive damage in the future. If your tree is sticky, shedding branches, or has storm damage it is time to call a professional. Not treating a tree can cost you thousands in future damage. Include tree treatment on  your lawn care in Johnson County list.

Retaining Walls

Hardscaping patio with a fire pit in the middle for entertaining.

The number one reason that we see a retaining wall failing is lack of drainage. When repairing or building a new retaining wall drainage is the most important feature. It is time to get your damaged wall checked before it gets worse.

Lawn care in Johnson County Kansas includes a checklist of items. The best way to stay on top of it is to hire a professional lawn care company to care for your property. You will never have to worry about making time to take care of your lawn and you can focus on yourself more. There is enough stress in the world, take your lawn care out of it.

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