Lawn Care in Spring

Lawn Care in Spring

The weather is slowly warming up and spring will be here soon! Lawn care in spring is essential because it prepares your grass for the rest of the year. Services that start in springtime and encourage healthy growth include fertilizer and mowing. Let’s go over how these lawn care services will help your property this spring.

Spring Fertilizer

lawn care in spring

One of the most important spring lawn care services is fertilizer. Some of the benefits of fertilizer include establishing a deep root system, enhancing color and thickness, and diminishing weeds. Spring fertilizer is crucial for helping your lawn thrive after winter. We recommend enrolling in a fertilizer program. The first treatment of the program is the Early Spring application. It gives essential nutrients that help your grass recover from a cold winter. This application also prevents new weeds from germinating. The second treatment is the Late Spring application. This adds more pre-emergent to prevent weeds and prepares your grass for summertime. Contact a lawn care company to apply the property type and amount of fertilizer to your property.

Spring Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing is necessary for a happy and healthy lawn. The mowing season begins in springtime and continues throughout the year until the first serious frost. A lawn mowing service typically includes mowing, edge trimming, and blowing grass off of paved surfaces. When mowing, it’s important to follow the one-third rule. The one-third rule is only cutting the top one-third of grass. Cutting more than this can damage your lawn and cause issues with the health and appearance of your grass. Contact a lawn care company to help your grass thrive this year with spring lawn care.

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