Lawn Care in Winter

Lawn Care in Winter

The temperature is dropping and winter is nearly here. Lawn care in winter is very important for your property. Services to keep in mind during this colder season are leaf removal, fertilizer, and snow removal. Leaf removal and fertilizer can help your lawn handle the harsh weather conditions. Planning for professional snow removal takes the stress out of trying to remove it yourself. Let’s go over how each of these services will help you and your lawn during the winter.

Winter Leaf Removal

lawn care in winter

Leaves can cause health and appearance issues for your lawn. If leaves are left on your lawn for a long time, they can create dead spots. They can compress and suffocate your grass after rain or snow falls. Leaves also block sunlight and nutrients from reaching your lawn. Your yard can also look unsightly with so many leaves covering your grass. A leaf removal will leave your property clean and fresh. Two professional options include curbside leaf removal and a full leaf removal. For curbside leaf removal, the client moves leaves to the curb. Then a crew uses a debris loader to remove the leaves. For a full leaf removal, professionals will blow leaves to your curb and remove them using a debris loader. Your entire yard and landscape beds are typically included in this service. Contact a professional lawn care company to efficiently remove leaves.

Winter Fertilizer

An important lawn care service in the winter is fertilizer. We recommend enrolling in our seven step fertilizer program. The last treatment in our program is the Winterizer application. This treatment provides food to your lawn during the winter. It also promotes earlier spring green-up and a healthy root system. A professional fertilizer program will ensure your lawn gets nutrients throughout the year.

Snow Removal

It’s essential to plan for snow removal. After snow falls, you still need to access your vehicle and continue your busy life. It can be a time consuming process to remove snow yourself. Contact a professional company to make a plan for snowfall. Knowing that your walkways will be taken care of will give you peace of mind during winter.

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