Lawn Care Jobs in 2022

Lawn Care Jobs in 2022

With covid keeping people inside for over a year, a lot of people want to make a career change to being outside more often. A common way to do this is looking for lawn care jobs in your area. There are always openings in this labor field. Before applying, let’s go over the routine of a lawn care job. 

Clock In

A professional lawn care company will have you go to their shop first thing in this morning. This is where you will clock in, learn the jobs for the day, and load up a work vehicle. The easiest way to receive your route and task for the day will be through an app or CRM system that the company provides. This way if it changes you will not be changing your schedule on pencil and paper. When the truck is loaded you and your team will head out to the job site. 

Daily Work

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In the landscaping industry the job can change from day to day. Every residence and business will have different needs. The season will change the services that are offered throughout the year. This is a great way to learn a lot of different skills over a lawn care season. I recommend landscaping to anyone looking to learn a new skill and does not want as much of a routine. 

Mowing is a little different. Each day there is a route of customers that need mowing services completed. The after one stop, you move on to the other to complete that lawn. It is more of a routine and instant gratification several times a day. I recommend mowing for anyone looking for a routine and a skill set to practice constantly and master. 

Clock Out

Once the jobs are completed for the day you head back to the shop. There you will unload any extra material and equipment. Clean the equipment if needed. After putting everything away correctly, park the company vehicle in its spot. Then you will check in with the supervisor and make sure you are good to go for the day. Most work days are 8-10 hours pending when the job is completed. 

Lawn care jobs are physical labor jobs that are very rewarding. It is important to find a company that fits the needs of what you want out of a lawn care job. Full service lawn care companies will be able to give you the most options. We are excited for more people to join the world of lawn care!

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