Lawn Care Jobs in Johnson County

Lawn Care Jobs in Johnson County

Are you looking for a job in the Johnson County area? Is working outside your passion? Do you love the satisfaction of a job well done? A career change to lawn care is for you then!

If you have been thinking about changing careers and trying something new then lawn care jobs in Johnson County are a great place to start. There is problem solving, creativity, and the great outdoors. Don’t have experience with lawn care?  No problem, LDK Lawn Services provides on the job training.

Why lawn care jobs?

Instant Gratification- Lawn care jobs are more than just mowing lawns or trimming edges. There is a lot of detail that goes into every job. You get instant gratification after every lawn care job that is completed. A finished product is presented to you whether it’s right after mowing or finishing a landscaping project.

Fresh Air- Working outside has proven to be better for your health. Green spaces have a calming factor about them that reduces stress and over time increases focus. Lawn care jobs are also a great way to stay in shape. With being active during the day, you might be able to skip the gym.

Off Season- Lawn care jobs often slow down in the winter months, which gives an employee a great opportunity to travel for holidays and see family. This does not mean that all lawn care companies just shut down in the colder months, they just slow down. There is leaf removal and snow removal lawn care jobs that needs to be done in the cold season.

Jobs in Lawn Care
Lawn Care Jobs

LDK Lawn Services has been working in the Johnson County/Kansas City are for 12 years now. We handle lawn care jobs from mowing and landscaping to snow removal and leaf removal. Our employees work full-time all year round and are not laid off in the slow season.

Lawn care jobs in Johnson County can be very competitive, however LDK provides their own vehicles, a retirement program, and a health insurance program making us stand out above the rest. We take pride in quality overall, we treat a customers lawn like it is our own.

If a lawn care job in Johnson County is what you are looking for then send your resumes to or visit our employer page on indeed.

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