Lawn Care Services in Johnson County

Lawn Care Services in Johnson County

Lawn care services in Johnson County are essential. In the midwest we go through several kinds of weather. That means we have a constant growing lawn that needs attention all year round. No matter what area you live in, as a homeowner you need to make sure your lawn has everything it needs to survive. Let’s go over the 4 seasons and the lawn care services you need during them. 


It is very important to start your fertilizer program in the spring. We recommend 7 treatments a year. Fertilizer is not magic, it does take all of the treatments to keep your lawn healthy. Mid to late spring you will need mowing. Regular weekly mowing is recommended for the area. 

Now is also the time to get started or do any landscaping projects. The biggest this time of year is drainage. If water is sitting on your lawn, it will die. Get a custom drain installed to avoid damage to your lawn later. Add mulch and other plantings to your lawn at this time. 


Mowing continues in the summer. Make sure you are watering in the middle of the July heat each year to avoid dead grass. There is a summer and grub control fertilizer application that should be applied. Now is a great time to keep working on landscape projects and make sure your lawn is cleaned up to avoid dead spots. 

lawn care services in johnson county aeration and overseeding


Fall is a big lawn care services season. You should still be mowing and applying fertilizer when needed. Aeration and overseeding should be done in the fall. Avoid mowing for a couple weeks after and water heavily. 

Make sure you get your first leaf removal now. It is important to keep your lawn cleaned up before winter strikes. Anything left on your lawn can cause dead spots including leaves. This will cost you more to recover in the spring than a leaf removal will now. 


Now is the time to get a second leaf removal done before all the snow hits. Anything compressed on the lawn will kill it. Add snow removal on your list to make sure you can travel safely when the weather strikes.

These are just the basics. Every lawn is different and can include more than these services. Contact your local lawn and landscaping company to make sure you are getting everything you need. 

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