Lawn Drainage

Lawn Drainage

April showers bring May flowers! Rain can also cause many issues for your property. Poor lawn drainage can cause soil erosion, damage to your grass, and problems for your foundation. There are numerous ways to fix these issues. A landscaping company can help you by assessing the situation and recommending the best solution. Let’s go over what poor drainage can do to your property and the options to correct it.

Drainage Issues

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It’s important to watch for signs of poor lawn drainage. The sooner you correct a drainage issue, the better off your property will be. Some signs include pooling water, basement flooding, and soil erosion. Pooling water can drown and kill your grass. It can also attract pests, like mosquitos. Basement flooding can damage floors, walls, and items that are kept there. Soil erosion removes nutrient-rich soil which impacts your lawn and plants. It can expose the roots of your plants to harsh weather. Erosion also creates a poor slope that produces extra drainage problems. Contact a landscaping company to evaluate your property and correct poor drainage.

Improving Lawn Drainage

A landscaping company can assess your property and give a recommendation on what will work best for your and your yard. There are multiple solutions to drainage problems. A few options include downspout extensions, French drains, and grading. Downspout extensions direct the water from your gutter away from the foundation of your home. French drains allow water to absorb faster and dissipate. It is a trench with a perforated pipe surrounded by gravel and landscaping fabric. The landscape fabric, gravel, and pipe are covered with a few inches of soil and the original sod. Grading fixes the slope of your land so water flows away from your home. Contact a landscaping company to create a custom drainage solution for your property.

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