Why You Need a Lawn Fertilizer Service

Why You Need a Lawn Fertilizer Service

Why You Need a Lawn Fertilizer Service:

Fertilizing your lawn may not seem like a big deal, but can change the health and overall look for your lawn. Having a professional evaluate your lawn is always going to be the best approach. However, if you are still worried about what to look for when having a lawn fertilizer service, here is some information that will help you decide if you need to hire a professional for lawn fertilization service near you.


How many times should you fertilize?


7-8 applications of lawn fertilization are necessary throughout the year in the Kansas and Missouri area to keep your lawn as strong and healthy as it should be. The ever changing climate in the midwest is to blame for this. To keep a strong, healthy, pest free lawn, and maintain the lawns color, it needs to be fertilizer in regular increments throughout the year. Your lawn fertilizer service will create a schedule that works for your lawn.


What is in your fertilizer?


Nitrogen is one of the main ingredients in fertilizer. This is the ingredient that helps to develop the strong root system that you need for your lawn to flourish. The number on the bag will indicate the strength of the nitrogen. Nitrogen should be the highest ingredient in fertilizer and you should always avoid numbers higher than 10 on the bag.


When should you?


Spring and fall are the best times to fertilizer your lawn. Making sure it is ready to withstand the summer heat and the dry cold of the winter is important. Do no let all your hard work throughout the year get ruined by the dry months. In the Kansas and Missouri area it is best to fertilizer your lawn regularly with the unpredictable weather.


Why a lawn fertilizer service?


Fertilizing and using lawn fertilizer service insures a solid foundation of deep root systems while boosting blade thickness and color. Your healthy grass will be more resilient to disease. Proper results will reduce weeds while your grass is growing stronger.


Why LDK Lawn Services?


Having your lawn evaluated by a professional is the best way to insure that your lawn is as healthy as it can be. If you want to evaluate your lawn by yourself, you risk not having the right tools to make sure your grass flourishes. Our lawn fertilizing technicians will look at the type of grass and soil composition to match your property with fertilizer products and a delivery system to best nurture your lawn.

If you have any questions about lawn fertilization, or are interested in learning more about residential fertilizer services please call LDK Lawn Services at (913) 568-5013 or fill out our contact form by clicking here.