Lawn Improvements 2022

Lawn Improvements 2022

There are many lawn improvements to consider in 2022. Achieve healthy, green grass by adding a few simple steps to your routine. Two important lawn care practices include fertilizer and aeration. These services can do wonders for your grass and improve the appearance of your lawn.

Lawn Fertilizer

Enrolling in a fertilizer program is the first step to a healthy lawn. We recommend seven treatments that continue throughout the year. Your lawn will get nutrients to help it thrive from early spring to winter. Fertilizer has numerous benefits. During the spring, these advantages include preventing new weeds and preparing for summer. Retaining a beautiful green color and grub control are elements of the summer applications. In the fall, fertilizer promotes lush color and repairs damaged or stressed turf. The winter application provides nutrients for the cold season and promotes a healthy root system. Lawn improvements such as fertilizer will help your grass grow very strong and healthy.

Lawn Aeration

Aeration is the process of creating small holes in the soil. This allows for air, water, and nutrients to reach grass roots. With compacted soil, your lawn may have weaker roots, thinner grass, and an off color. Removing compression and letting your lawn breathe is very beneficial. Having stronger roots will create thicker, stronger grass. Your lawn will also be better equipped to handle intense heat and droughts. In the midwest, we recommend aerating your lawn in the fall season. The temperature will be cooler and your grass can recover from the hot summer. Aeration can improve your lawn and create a healthier root system.

Lawn improvements such as fertilizer and aeration are very useful. These services can help your grass thrive and will create a beautiful lawn. Contact a lawn care company to make sure fertilizer and aeration are done the right way.

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