Lawn Maintenance in Early Spring

Lawn Maintenance in Early Spring

The weather is freezing, but spring will be before you know it! Help your property bounce back after winter with early spring lawn maintenance. Services like fertilizer and mowing can help the health and appearance of your lawn. Let’s go over the benefits of early spring services and how they can help your property.

Early Spring Fertilizer

lawn maintenance in early spring

One of the most essential lawn maintenance services is fertilizer. It boosts the thickness and color of your lawn. Applying consistently helps diminish weeds and makes your grass more resilient to disease. Enroll in a fertilizer program to ensure your grass gets nutrients throughout the entire year. We recommend a program with seven treatments. The applications start in spring and end in winter. The first fertilizer treatment is the Early Spring application. It helps your lawn bounce back after winter and prevents the germanization of weeds. Contact a lawn care company for fertilizer services. A specialist will apply the correct type and amount of fertilizer to your lawn. Set your grass up for success with early spring lawn maintenance.

Spring Lawn Mowing

Another important lawn care service is lawn mowing. The mowing season starts in spring when grass begins to grow again. A consistent height helps your lawn thrive. Cutting your grass too short can damage your lawn. If your grass is left too tall, then it can attract bugs and other pests. Contact a lawn care company to take care of mowing your lawn. Technicians can make sure your grass is the correct height for the season. Take care of your property in early spring so you can have a healthy, green lawn to enjoy during the warmer temperatures.

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