Lawn Maintenance in Winter

Lawn Maintenance in Winter

Taking care of your property is important year-round, especially during the winter months. Leaf removal is one of the most essential aspects of lawn maintenance in winter. Another winter service to think about is snow removal. Leaf and snow removal can help you and your home this season. Let’s go over these winter services and how they can improve your property.

Winter Lawn Maintenance

lawn maintenance in winter

Lawn maintenance in the winter is crucial if you want your grass to thrive and bounce back in the spring. Leaf removal is an essential winter service. There are many benefits of leaf removal services. Leaves left on your lawn for too long can create dead spots. Removing fallen leaves before snow falls can prevent your grass from compressing and suffocating. Professional leaf removal can save you the hassle of removing and getting rid of leaves. Another important part of winter lawn care is avoiding walking on your grass too much after a frost or when it’s dormant. This can make your lawn frail in places. Contact a professional lawn care company to remove leaves from your property in a timely and efficient manner.

Snow Removal

Prepare for winter by contacting a snow removal company. It’s important to reach out before a snow storm happens. This ensures your property will be taken care of after a snowfall. Snow removal services usually include clearing your driveway and walkways and then applying a de-icing compound. A crew and their equipment will be ready to go before winter weather strikes. Avoid the hassle of shoveling your property and give yourself peace of mind this winter by contacting a professional snow removal company.

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