Lawn Maintenance Services

Lawn Maintenance Services

Spring is officially here! Warmer weather and lawn maintenance services can help bring your grass back to life after a cold winter. Lawn care, such as mowing, fertilizer, and watering, provide several benefits for your yard. Let’s go over how these services can help your lawn stay happy and healthy.

Lawn Mowing Services

lawn maintenance services

Springtime is the season for nicer weather and new growth. After a long winter, it’s great to be outdoors. To fully enjoy your yard, it’s important to keep up with lawn maintenance services. Lawn mowing is one of the most important services. The mowing season starts in spring and continues throughout the year until the first serious frost. Mowing is essential because it encourages positive growth and improves the look of your property. A lawn care company can help you by handling the effort of mowing. Technicians mow, edge, and blow off paved surfaces. Contact a lawn care company to take care of your property this spring.

Fertilizer Services

Fertilizer is another essential lawn care service. Benefits of fertilizer include diminishing weeds, improving color, and developing deep root systems. We recommend enrolling in a fertilizer program to ensure your grass gets necessary nutrients throughout the year. The program starts with the Early Spring treatment. This application prevents new weeds from germinating and helps your lawn bounce back from winter. The next treatment is the Late Spring application. It adds more pre-emergent to prevent weeds and gets your grass ready for summer. Contact a lawn care company to help your lawn thrive.

Sprinkler Maintenance

Once the weather stabilizes and remains above freezing, it will be time to activate your sprinkler system. Water is extremely important for the health of your lawn. A sprinkler system makes sure all of your grass receives the proper amount of water. A sprinkler technician can activate your system and check for correct pressure, coverage, and operation. Contact a lawn care company to take care of your property this spring.

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