Lawn Maintenance: What Does That Mean?

Lawn Maintenance: What Does That Mean?

For about 9 months of the year your lawn needs constant attention. It does take work and consideration to keep a lawn green and healthy. Lawn maintenance in Kansas City is not just mowing the lawn each week. Yes, it is a part of the services that you need but not everything you need. Your lawn needs more than just the grass cut every now and then. Let’s explore mowing and other standards that will keep your lawn maintenance in check.


Regular lawn Mowing and lawn maintenance

Lawn mowing keeps your grass in a manageable condition. We recommend keeping the lawn clippings on the grass so that it can soak up any nutrients that are left in the blades. If your lawn is overgrown, make sure to bag and dispose of the longer grass clippings so that it does not suffocate the lawn. Weekly mowing with pattern changes will keep your lawn in top shape throughout the year. 


Fertilizer is not a magical formula that will turn your lawn green instantly. In the Kansas City area we recommend 7 treatments a year to give your lawn the strength that it needs to thrive in the midwest weather. Always have a certified applicator apply fertilizer to your property. This ensures the best quality from the start. 


Mulch in your landscaping beds is used to keep weeds and pests out. It also retains water that your plants can use. Pending the type of plants you have will determine what kind of mulch you need. Some do better in traditional mulch and others in rock. Consult your local professional to make sure you are doing what is right for your local plant life. 


No amount of landscaping matters if your lawn has weeds or other items on it suffocating the lawn. Get rid of all the weeds, branches, vines, and uneven areas on the lawn. After that is done, you will be able to use fertilizer and mowing to create a green and beautiful lawn. If your lawn is not ready and cleaned up, nothing else will change until this is completed. 

Using a professional lawn and landscaping company for lawn maintenance will save you time and money in the long run from having to do any repairs from a DIY project. This is not everything that your lawn needs, but it is a great start. Whether you are a new homeowner or ready to have a fresh lawn, it is never too late to get started. Contact your local landscaping company for lawn maintenance today!

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