Lawn Mowing Service in 2022

Lawn Mowing Service in 2022

The weather has finally turned! It is time to start mowing. When it comes to mowing, you have two options: you can mow yourself or hire a lawn mowing service. The problem with mowing yourself is, it takes up your personal time. There are only so many hours in a day. Hiring a lawn mowing service will give you your free time back from your lawn and insure a healthy lawn this season. Let’s go over what you should prepare for and expect with a lawn care company. 

Estimate & Approval

You will start by getting an estimate from your local lawn care company. It is important to know the full cost before starting services. Once you are okay with that amount, you will approve the estimate to get work started. A company should not start work until you officially approve the pricing. You should not sign up with a company before knowing the pricing or if you are under a contract. From there it is time to start the work.

The Work

Lawn mowing service can start right away or have a delay. Most companies suggest signing up before the season starts and then they will let you know when it is best for your lawn to start mowing. Signing up later can cause a delay of about a week if the company is busy. 

A company will start by mowing the property. If you are concerned about your gate size and the mower fitting, let your company know ahead of time. From there they will weedeat the whole property. After that they blow off all paved surfaces and do a final walk through the property. This should happen every 5-7 days in the midwest. 


After the services are complete a company will be billing you for the lawn mowing service. Most companies require billing information on file that they will charge at the start of the next month for the previous month’s services. Make sure your company’s billing method works for you and your lifestyle. Keep in mind that lawn care companies can customize almost all of their services, but have to keep the billing the same for all customers to keep track of their finances. 

Finding the perfect lawn mowing service for you can mean getting multiple quotes and timeframes from companies. Take your time back by hiring a company today!

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