Lawn Mowing Services

Lawn Mowing Services

The weather is slowly warming up and grass will be growing soon. Lawn mowing services can help your grass thrive. Professional mowing ensures your lawn will be cut at a consistent height and always looks its best. Other lawn care services that can improve your property include fertilizer and irrigation. Let’s go over what mowing and other lawn care services can do for your property.

Professional Mowing

lawn mowing services

Professional lawn mowing services can improve your yard and save your time. An essential component to healthy grass is a consistent height. If your grass is too high, it can attract bugs and pests. If your grass is too short, your lawn could burn and become brittle. Many professional lawn companies follow the one-third rule when mowing your lawn. This means that the top one-third of grass is cut. Removing more than a third of your lawn can damage your turf and cause health and appearance issues. After mowing, professional companies typically trim the edges of your lawn and blow the clippings back on your grass. This provides nutrients for the soil and a protective layer from the sun. Contact a professional lawn care company to save your time and help your property thrive.

Other Lawn Care Services

As warmer weather arrives, there are other lawn care services to keep in mind. Fertilizer and irrigation help improve the health and appearance of your lawn. We recommend enrolling in a fertilizer program. The first treatment of our program is the Early Spring application. This helps your lawn recover from winter and prevents new weeds from germinating. The second treatment is the Late Spring application. This is a slow release formula that prepares your lawn for summer and adds more pre-emergent to prevent new weeds. An irrigation system helps give your grass the correct amount of water. Sprinkler systems are activated in the spring. During this time, a professional lawn care company will make sure that each zone is working and covering your grass properly. Contact a professional lawn care company to take care of your property this spring.

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