Lawn Service Companies: The Basics

Lawn Service Companies: The Basics

There are a lot of lawn service companies to choose from. How do you know you’re picking the right one? Do they all offer the same services? What do you need to ask when starting services? Let’s go over all the basics that every homeowner needs to know about lawn service companies.

Who to Contact

lawn service companies taking care of a property with sod.

The first thing you need to do is contact a local lawn service. They do need to be local. This will ensure they have the knowledge of your area to better your lawn. After selecting a local company, call or submit a form online. Some companies will allow text messages. 

Make sure your local lawn service company offers all the services you are looking for. All inclusive services mean that there is one company to contact verses 2-5 companies for your lawns needs. Your all inclusive company will make sure your lawn is getting the best treatment at all times.

What Services Do You Need

There are some basic services that every lawn can benefit from. Mowing, fertilizer treatments, and clean ups should be done regularly throughout the year. Drainage can be a large issue with lawns that are on a hill or uneven. More extensive landscaping can be required pending the property and homeowners desire. 

Once again it is important to select a local company. They will be able to evaluate your lawn and tell you what services would benefit you. Someone who knows the area will know what is going to work best on your lawn. They will be able to guide you through everything you need for your property, including on going care. 

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