Lawn Services in Kansas City

Lawn Services in Kansas City

Do you want to improve the curb appeal of your property? A beautiful lawn can help your home stand out. There are numerous lawn services in Kansas City that keep your grass happy and healthy. Two lawn care services that help your grass are mowing and fertilizer. Let’s go over the benefits of these services.

lawn services in Kansas City

Kansas City Lawn Mowing

To keep your grass looking healthy, make sure regular mowing is part of your lawn care routine. It’s important to follow the one-third rule of mowing. This is when only the top one-third of your lawn is cut. Cutting more than one-third of your grass can cause damage to your lawn. Contact a professional lawn care company to keep up with your lawn and make sure it is cut correctly for the season.

Fertilizer Program in Kansas City

One of the most helpful lawn services in Kansas City is applying fertilizer. It boosts thickness and color while helping prevent weeds. We recommend enrolling in a fertilizer program. The program includes seven applications from early spring to winter. This will allow your grass to receive essential nutrients throughout the year. The first treatment is the Early Spring application. This helps your grass rebound after winter and prevent new weed germination. The next treatment is the Late Spring application. It is a slow release formula that preps your grass for the summertime and includes more pre-emergent for weed prevention. 

The next two treatments are the Summer and Grub applications, which are applied at the same time. They help your lawn keep a healthy green color and prevent pests. The Early Fall treatment promotes lush color while the Late Fall application restores damaged or stressed turf. The last application of the fertilizer program is the Winterizer treatment. This provides nutrients to your grass during the winer and promotes a healthy root system. Contact a professional lawn care company to make sure your grass gets the proper type and amount of fertilizer.

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