Lawn Treatment Services

Lawn Treatment Services

Are you wanting to upgrade your property this year? Lawn treatment services can help your grass thrive. Two services that can improve the health and appearance of your lawn are fertilizer and mowing. These lawn care services both have numerous advantages. Let’s go over how lawn treatments can help your grass flourish this season.

Lawn Fertilizer Services

lawn treatment services

An essential element of lawn care is fertilizer. It gives your grass the nutrients it needs to be happy and healthy. One benefit of fertilizer includes establishing deep root systems. It also boosts color and the thickness of grass blades. Consistent fertilizer applications reduce weeds and make your grass more resilient to disease. Your lawn will also be more resistant to bugs and pests. Lawn treatment services like fertilizer improve the health and look of your grass. Contact a professional lawn care company to enroll in a fertilizer program. We recommend a seven step program that starts in early spring and ends in winter. This allows your yard to receive nutrients throughout the year. A professional technician will know the proper type and amount of fertilizer to apply to your lawn.

Mowing Services

Another important lawn care service that helps your grass is mowing. The schedule for lawn mowing changes throughout the year, depending on the season. It begins in the springtime when grass starts to grow. Lawn mowing continues throughout summer and fall. The mowing season ends when grass stops growing after the first serious frost. Lawn technicians will know the proper seasonal height and method for mowing your grass. They will cut the top one-third of your lawn to avoid health and appearance issues. Contact a professional lawn care company to take care of your property.

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