Leaf Clean Up in Kansas City

Leaf Clean Up in Kansas City

As the weather cools down, leaves will begin to fall. It’s a beautiful time of year, but there are important lawn care tips to keep in mind. Leaf clean up is an essential part of fall lawn maintenance. Other services that will help your lawn thrive include aeration and seeding. Let’s learn more about lawn care you will need this fall.

Before Clean Up

Before leaves start falling, there are other services that can improve your lawn. Aeration and seeding increases the general strength of your grass. The first step of this process is aeration. It is the method of removing small cores of soil. This reduces soil compaction and improves water absorption. Nutrients, air, and water will be able to reach the roots of your grass. The second step of this process is seeding. This is when seeds are directly planted onto existing turf. Seeding fills in any bare spots on your lawn and improves grass density. Your lawn will thrive with these services.

Leaf Clean Up & Removal

Leaf clean up and removal is an essential element of fall lawn care. If leaves are left on your lawn for a long time, they can create dead spots. Once the rain and snow falls, leaves will become compressed on your lawn and suffocate your grass. We encourage two to three leaf removals a year depending on how many trees are on your property. Save yourself the hassle and contact a professional lawn care company to remove leaves.

After Clean Up

After removing leaves, it’s also important to make sure there aren’t other items on your lawn. Make sure to remove sticks and other plant debris. It’s important to rotate trampolines, swing sets, and lawn furniture. This will let your grass beneath your lawn items breathe. 

Contact a professional lawn care company to take care of leaf removal and clean up. Fall lawn care sets the tone for how your grass will bounce back during the spring. Keep up with lawn maintenance during the cooler weather.

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