Leaf Clean Up Service

Leaf Clean Up Service

Have leaves taken over your property? Leaves that are left on your lawn for a long time can cause problems. A leaf clean up service improves the health and appearance of your yard. Two professional leaf removal services are curbside leaf removal and a full leaf removal. Let’s go over the importance of cleaning up leaves and what choice of leaf removal is best for you.

leaf clean up service

Importance of Leaf Removal

Removing leaves is an important part of fall lawn care. If leaves are left on your lawn for a long time, they can create dead spots. When rain and snow falls, leaves can compress and suffocate your grass. Leaves can also be unsightly. Cleaning leaves up gives your lawn a fresh and clean look. Contact a professional lawn care company to efficiently remove leaves from your yard.

Curbside Leaf Removal

Curbside leaf removal is one of your options for a leaf clean up service. This is when the client moves leaves to their curb and then a crew uses a debris loader to remove them. This service is less expensive, but a more time consuming process for the homeowner. We recommend two to three leaf removals a year depending on how many trees are on your property.

Full Leaf Clean Up

The other professional option for removing leaves is a full leaf removal. Professionals will blow leaves to your curb and remove them using a debris loader. This service typically includes your landscape beds and your entire yard. A full leaf removal is more expensive, but less time consuming and less work for you. Avoid the hassle of removing leaves yourself and contact a professional lawn care company to take care of your property.

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