Leaf Cleanup Services

Leaf Cleanup Services

Winter is on the way and leaves are everywhere! Take back your yard and keep your grass healthy with leaf cleanup services. It provides several benefits for you and your property. Other seasonal services include mowing and snow removal. Let’s learn more about how these services can help you during this time of year.

Leaf Cleanup

leaf cleanup services

There are numerous ways that leaf cleanup services help your property. Leaves can create dead spots if they are on top of your grass for long periods of time. They can also compress and suffocate your lawn after rain or snow falls. Bugs and other pests can be attracted to fallen leaves and make a home on your property. While leaves can impact the health of your grass, they also make your home unsightly. Leaf cleanup services improve the state of your lawn and enhance the appearance of your property. Contact a professional lawn care company to remove leaves from your home.

Other Seasonal Services

The mowing season is almost over! Make sure to cut your grass one last time before the extremely cold weather sets in. Your lawn continues to grow until the first serious frost. Keep a consistent grass height as the weather cools down. Your lawn can mat and be exposed to snow mold if it’s too long when snow falls. It’s essential to prepare for snow and have a plan of action. Contact a professional snow removal company to get on their route before a snowstorm hits. This ensures a crew will clear snow from your property in an efficient and timely manner. Snow removal services usually include removing snow from your driveway and walkways and then using a de-icing compound. Take care of your property this season by contacting a professional lawn care and snow removal company.

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