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Looking For The Best Leaf Raking Yard Cleanup Services In Kansas City?

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Trust LDK Lawn Services to make your residential and commercial properties look their best for you and your patrons.

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Residential Mowing Service Kansas City

If you need your grass cut, trees or hedges trimmed, or any other yard services, LDK Lawn Service is here for you.

With state of the art equipment, our landscaping professionals can spruce up your garden or yard and give your home extra curb appeal.

Don’t waste your valuable time and energy on your lawn; you have more important things to do. Let us handle the lawn care with our expert gardening skills.

Trust us to properly manage all of your flowers and plants and keep them lively and beautiful. We also offer our fantastic fertilization, aerating, and mulching services to aid your lawn’s growth and longevity. If you live in Kansas City, call us today!

Commercial Mowing Services Kansas CityAs a business, your lawn looks best when it is green, full, and thriving. A healthy lawn is representative of a successful and professional brand. Proper mowing is the most essential component to a healthy, beautiful lawn. Our Turf Specialists will mow, trim and clean up all debris; leaving a beautiful end product.

When we arrive for the first time, we can set up a schedule for weekly visits. LDK Lawn Service promises thorough lawn maintenance and upkeep every time. Our scheduled grass cutting service allows for you to keep your grass looking freshly cut weekly. We are proficient with both residential and commercial landscaping services so whether you own a home or business, call us for your lawn care needs.

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