Leaf Removal in Kansas City

Leaf Removal in Kansas City

Leaf removal is not just a job that is used to help the neighbor kids down the street earn some money in the fall. It is a service that is serious and can make or break your property. Do not take clean-up and leaf removal in Kansas City lightly. The process and reasoning behind an effective leaf removal makes the difference in having a successful lawn. 

Why Leaf Removal

Leaf removal is needed for every lawn in the midwest and Kansas City area. With the amount of trees around, leaves leave no lawn untouched in the fall. There is a misconception that leaves can be left on the ground to decompose and for the winter. This is true, but it will be killing the grass that is underneath it. 

Removing the leaves are essential to having a lush lawn in the spring. Snow and other debris compact the grass below causing it to suffocate and die. If the leaves are removed, there will be nothing to put pressure on and the snow will melt before causing any damage.

Leaf removal in Kansas City before and after

The Process

The most common used tool for leaf removal in Kansas City is rakes. Rakes are great and can be used in tricky areas and to collect smaller amounts of leaves. Using rakes on the whole property for a larger amount of leaves excessively can damage the grass roots. 

As a professional lawn care service, we recommend leaf blowers. Leaf blowers can collect the majority of the leaves without touching the lawn directly. Using that will help avoid any extra rehab in the spring. After that, use a rake to collect smaller amounts of leaves from that lawn. Once that is finished, go over the lawn with a mower to finish mulching any leaves that are left. This is how any professional lawn care company should be completing the process, otherwise they could be damaging your lawn. This might need to be done 1-3 times on your lawn pending your trees. 

It is important to understand why and how your leaves need to be removed to protect your lawn. Leaf removal in Kansas City is just one way that residents can show their lawn that they care. After all the work and treatments that are put in throughout the year, do not ruin it by leaving leaves on your lawn all winter long.

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