Leaf Removal in Kansas City 2021

Leaf Removal in Kansas City 2021

It is finally sweater weather season! As most people would call it, fall. This is the time of year you take a stroll outside to see all the leaves changing. As the leaves change they fall. Although it is a pretty sight, it is damaging to your lawn. Getting a leaf removal in Kansas City is essential for your lawn’s winter health. Let’s explore your options for leaf removals in Kansas City.


Everyone’s first instinct is to remove leaves themselves. This is an okay option if you know how to properly remove them. Just using rakes can cause damage to your grass roots. Without the proper tools it can take several hours or even a couple days to remove leaves. It is also important to remove them quickly so they do not suffocate the lawn. 

fall lawn care in kansas City doing a leaf removal in Kansas City

Creating a pile and leaving it will make a dead spot in the yard. Your trash company may be able to haul away your leaves if requested. Not all companies do that, you may need to find a disposal spot and haul them away yourself.

Curb Disposal

Another option is to take all the leaves on the property and move them to the curb. From there you would need to contact a lawn care company to come and remove them for you. There is a charge for this but it is less than a full leaf removal for anyone wanting a more budget friendly option.

Professional Leaf Removal

Getting a professional leaf removal in Kansas City done is the most time efficient option. A professional will make sure your lawn goes undamaged. The leaves are removed quickly to prevent any damage and lawn suffocation. This is a more costly option. It will be done in half the time and damage free with professional tools. From start to finish they will clear your lawn and leave it leaf free. 

For a happy and healthy lawn we recommend 2-3 leaf removals in Kansas City. This prevents suffocation, pest mowing in, and having to repair your lawn in the spring. Taking care of your lawn now will save you time and money from professionals needing to repair any damage from leaves. Take care of your lawn this fall with a professional leaf removal. 

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