Leaf Removal in Kansas City 2021

Leaf Removal in Kansas City 2021

This year is flying by which means fall will be here before we know it. In Kansas City we love to see all of the leaves change colors as we drive down Ward Parkway or towards downtown. It is everyone’s favorite time of the year. People often forgot how damaging leaves can be to your lawn if left there all fall and winter. Let’s go over leaf removal in Kansas City and all you need to do to keep your lawn happy as the cold weather approaches 

Pre- Treatment

Before it is time to get a leaf removal in Kansas City, make sure you aerate and overseed. This will create cork sized holes in the lawn that allow the roots to breathe. Aeration lets nutrients that would not usually reach the roots to get down in the soil. Combined with overseeding will create a lush lawn. It is important to water heavily after. This is a great start to a better lawn every fall. 

Leaf removal in kansas city

Leaf Removals

We say leaf removals because most lawns need 2-3 each year. Different tree’s leaves will fall at different times. Leaves that are left on your lawn for a long period of time will suffocate the grass. All the overseeding that was done before hand would become a waste. Once the rain and snow start to fall it compresses the leaves on to the lawn and suffocates it. When a lawn starts to die it is hard to recover it. To avoid damaging your lawn, call a professional for your leaf removal 

After Care

To keep your lawn happy after your leaf removal make sure debris stays off the lawn. This includes any sticks, branches, and make sure to rotate your play sets and lawn furniture. Grass has to be able to breathe to continue to grow and keeping these items in one spot for a long time creates dead spots. Dead spots are harder to recover from than prevent. Start taking care of your lawn now. 

Overall leaf removal is needed for every lawn. The amount varies based on the amount of trees on the property and when they lose their leaves. Your local landscaping company will be able to tell you how many leaf removals in Kansas City you need. 

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