Leaf Removal – Fall Clean Up in Kansas City

Leaf Removal – Fall Clean Up in Kansas City

Fall clean up in Kansas City is a big focus. Making sure your lawn is ready for everything the winter has to bring can be difficult. Fall clean up includes all of these items and needs to be done every season. Fall clean up for a yard includes:

  • Leaf Removal-  Leaf removal includes all leaf clean up. Our crew will rake the leaves and dispose of all the leaves on your lawn for you.
  • Aeration- Aeration allows the lawn to receive more oxygen and create deeper roots to grow fuller and stronger.
  • Overseeding- Overseeding is a part of fall clean up, because overseeding your lawn will help to cover up the spots that are having problems growing. This helps the lawns to grow back stronger and fuller.

Leaf Removal

Leaf removal and fall clean up can often be daunting task for customers. Most start to rake leaves and then do not finish. If leaf raking does not get completed it can damage your lawn. Leaves that stay on the ground all winter, suffocate the grass and make it difficult for it to grow. The easiest way to avoid this issue, is hiring LDK Lawn Services to take care of all the steps in the leaf removal process.


Leaf removal can be a daunting task. Hiring a professional takes the pressure off of you.

Aeration creates holes in the soil to allow air, water, and nutrients straight to the roots of the grass. In the fall aeration improves fertilization of the lawn and for the grass to grow deeper roots. If you aerate your lawn and do not clean up the leaves, then the leaves will suffocate the grass and the process would have been for nothing.


Overseeding helps to keep your lawn from looking bare in certain areas. Seeding after aeration in the fall makes the grass grow back stronger and fuller. Overseeding also creates a better color and texture of lawn. Once again if leaf removal does not happen, then this work would have been pointless.

When is the best time to schedule fall clean up and leaf removal? Now. Get on the schedule and make sure your lawn is taken care of this fall. LDK Lawn Services can make sure these items are done correctly and timely. LDK prides themselves on their quality of work and customer service. Let LDK Lawn Services take care of it for you.

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