Leaf Removal in Parkville: Is It Necessary ?

Leaf Removal in Parkville: Is It Necessary ?

If I have said it once, I’ve said it a million times: LEAF REMOVAL MATTERS! Leaf removal in Parkville is a great way to make sure your lawn is taken care of and ready to go for the winter. There are a lot of trees in the North Kansas City area, this means a lot of leaves. A lot of leaves lead to a lot of leaves on the ground. Leaves on the ground leads to a messy and possibly dead lawn. Why would you need to remove something from nature like this and does it matter how you do it? Great questions, let’s go through them.

Leaf removal Parkville before and after

Why Do I Need It?

Leaf Removal in Parkville is necessary just like it is anywhere else. Leaves fall on the ground and sit on top of grass directly. As they are walked on or elements of nature fall (rain and snow) the leaves become more compact. This adds weight to the top of the grass. From there the grass struggles to breathe and get the nutrients it needs. Your grass will die and struggle to grow back in the spring if leaves are not removed in the fall. You will spend more money on recovering your lawn in the spring than you will on 2-3 leaf removals in the fall.

The Proper Process

No, you cannot just do a leaf removal in Parkville any way you want to. Once again it goes back to damaging your grass roots. The best way to perform a leaf removal in Parkville is by starting with removing any twigs or branches. From there use a leaf blower to get as many leaves as possible to the desired destination. After that you can use a rake gently to get the leftover leaves. Dispose of the leaves by either using a collection service or bagging them. Another great alternative for leaves is a composting system, if you have one.

Overall leaf removal in Parkville is not that different from leaf removals in other areas. They do make a difference on your lawns overall winter health. Hiring a lawn care company is the best way to insure your services each fall will be taken care of on time and properly.

When hiring a company, they are the experts, make sure to ask them what other services they recommend. Aeration, fall fertilizers, and planting are just some of the services that can still be done in the fall. It will always be cheaper to keep up with lawn care than to let it go and pay to recover it. Save yourself money by acting now.

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